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By the time most of today’s students enter the workforce, AI would be well established.

From Photo editors on smartphones, recommendation engines of Netflix & Youtube, to self-driving cars, to Intelligent assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana etc.) & their in-built AI is able to access the internet using speech recognition.

Informed citizens need to understand the basics of Artificial intelligence as AI can influence human societies and the planet in both positive and negative ways.

That’s why Artificial Intelligence needs to become part of basic technology literacy as part of the school curriculum. In order to compete in a fast-changing world, K12 schools will, therefore, need to create future-proof skills based curriculum around coding and artificial intelligence.

We at AI World School have therefore designed a new learning landscape focussing on AI & Coding education.

Inspire your students to develop AI & Coding skills. Today!

“What we really want is for kids to understand the power of this tool and find ways to use it that we wouldn’t have thought of.”

Hall Davidson,
Senior Director Discovery Education

How will your students benefit ?

AI is not a futuristic vision, but rather something that is here today and being integrated with and deployed into a variety of sectors. This includes fields such as finance, national security, health care, criminal justice, transportation, and smart cities.

There are numerous examples where AI already is making an impact on the world and augmenting human capabilities in significant ways. Artificial Intelligence is used so much in our everyday lives, we need to make sure that our students understand its impact and potential for the future of work and learning.

Schools and educators are always looking for online technology platforms which support student-centred learning, help students work collaboratively, share their creations with peers around the globe in a personalised learning environment.

Students will learn to code on the AIWS platform with easy to use age appropriate block based programming tools bringing their AI projects to Life. Some of the programming softwares students will code & play with are Scratch for AI, Snap! for AI, Pocket Code, Phiro Code smart phone app, MIT App Inventor, Cognimates, Python and Javascript.

Students will engage with a variety of hands-on online STEM challenges and Project Based Learning approaches which helps them to gain critical future-ready skills.

Educators get to become part of an exclusive world-wide AI educator community which is all about sharing best practices, engaging & learning from fellow educators and communicating with others about a wide range of topics participants are interested in discussing.

Powerful ways of remote interactive learning made engaging with AIWS.

4 reasons why School educators prefer AIWS

1. Putting students first | Building life-ready skills.

A. Transformational AI & Coding Education Impacting students

B. Well researched course structure focussing on the five Big Ideas of AI as proposed by www.ai4k12.org

D. The 200+ hands-on real-time Ai Coding experiences develop Computational & Critical thinking skills of the learner

E. The remote learning courses are intuitive, self-paced, self-learning & self-directed with projects for improved learning outcomes

2. The right learning platform for AI & Coding, the AIWS way !

A. Designed & curated by Engineers & Educators trained & certified by ISTE – USA, Intel, IBM and Professors from Oxford University UK & Graz University of Technology Austria

B. Our team is experienced in teaching school students Robotics & STEM having 120 years plus of collective experience

3. Join AIWS’s growing Global AI Community

A. Join a network of like-minded peers

B. Opportunity to communicate, showcase, and interact with others in forums.

C. Connect to a professional AI learning community

D. Connect with leading STEM educators on the community forums and gain exclusive access to webinars, lesson plans and teaching clubs.

4. AIWS saves you time & money

A. Discover & get the latest AI trends | exclusive feature for registered users

B. Let our fantastic technology team do the research for you

C. Explore the many free resources on our platform

D. Reasonably priced courses

Explore how to incorporate project based AI activities in your curriculum

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